Four Years Later

Ryan Eagle GirlfriendToday my girlfriend and mother of my future child celebrated four years together, sharing the longest relationship we’ve both had. I vividly remember my first interaction with her and as much as I’d like to front being confident (maybe that’s an understatement, more like cocky or arrogant), I had butterflies in my stomach approaching her. We had apparently been going to the same place for months without me noticing her probably becuase I’m so full of myself. Months before I had just gotten out of my first adult relationship so I wasn’t in a state of mind to meet new people. She, too, didn’t really know who I was up until the day we locked eyes from across the room. The funny thing is that I was with a bunch of trusted friends and they all immediately noticed the interaction and began pushing me to go up and talk with her. The pressure from my friends compounded my nervousness but also put me into a good position where I was pushed to talk to her. I gathered up the man-strength and approached her, began talking, asked her if she wanted to go for a brief drive in the spaceship, and asked for her number. I was leaving on a business trip the next day and was to return about a week later. I knew I had something special and wanted to make sure I could seal the first date in.

When I returned we linked up and I planned a romantic dinner with her, reserving a special seat that overviewed Chicago. It was funny just how opposite our world’s where – months before she had graduated high school and had lived a more ‘regular’ life. I, on the other hand, had dropped out of college years before and had lived a very unique and lavish life – traveling, running large companies, exotic cars and expensive food. I remember the server asked us if we wanted still or sparkling water and she had never of heard that before. I laughed to myself but I knew one thing – I knew that I wanted to share the world with this girl.

Katie WagnerThree months into dating I asked her mother if we could go to Fiji together and essentially got a firm, “hell no.” Her mother was wise enough to know that guys like me, full of themselves with fast cars where bad news. She was probably right! We settled on California and had a great time regardless. Let’s say that over the years we have leveled up our destinations and her mother has (unfortunately for her) loosened up to me. I could go on and on about all of the fun times we’ve had, nice dinners, funny stories we’ve shared and more but I would end up writing a book. She’s my companion, she’s my partner in crime, she’s the person I want to share the rest of my life with.

Sometimes I wonder how the hell we where and continue to be attracted to each other. You know how opposites attract? That’s us, completely. I like spicy food, she thinks pepper is too spicy. I like being social, she’d rather spend the evening talking to our dog Tydus (probably because he doesn’t have anything to say back). When she gets angry, I laugh. I want a castle, she wants a 1 story ranch. I like to stay up all night, she’s in bed at 10pm. I don’t get it, but somehow it works. It brings balance to both of our extremely different personalities. We always find a medium ground which ends up calming me down and getting her out. If I had any other girl even remotely like me in my life, I would have been bankrupt years ago and we would have driven each other crazy. I don’t get it, but it somehow works and we are not going to try to fix something that’s not broken.

Katie Wagner and Ryan EagleI wish I could say everything is perfect between us, but we’re human. Just last week someone said that I traumatized her – I guess surviving four years with my drastic ups and downs is like surviving world war three. I’m grateful I have this beautiful woman in my life – she balances me and makes me want to become a better man. Months ago we got the news that she was pregnant and as shocking as the news was, I couldn’t have been happier becuase she is the only woman that I want having my child. I’ve made a lot of poor decisions in my life but I can confidently say that building a relationship with her was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Katherine, you are my everything.


How I Started Response Commodities

I was asked on my account to make a short blog post about how I started Response Commodities so I decided to follow through and make a post about it. Pardon my rambling here, I just whipped this up quick and didn’t go through the editing process much.

Response CommoditiesI’m not going to go into too much detail because a lot of it is trade secret, but I’ll go through the common sense stuff. I was interested in trade for a long time before starting the business and I first began networking with other people in the industry. I did research and first thing I found where niches that had high profit margins and new trendy items. I picked tobacco products, electronics, and clothing – all high profit niches.

The next thing I did was look on Alibaba for people selling products in those niches. I found sellers, contacted every single one, then negotiated test buys. Most people selling things, I’ve found, are scammers. I negotiated smaller buys upfront, purchased from multiple people, got their skype screen names, and waited for the orders to come in. Some purchases came in, some didn’t – I had to cut my losses.

When the small ones came in I tested selling retail to gauge interest. I also looked at the quality of items I was buying to see if it would be suitable to sell without having to deal with complaints. After selling the items retail and building relationships with the merchants that delivered high quality product fast, I slowly increased my order size until I reached a point where I was ordering in bulk.

Obviously, the larger the order the lower the price per unit. To experiment, I opened up an operation that cold called businesses in my related niches to open up a line of communication where I could begin negotiating rates for bulk orders. In many cases, I ended up being able to drastically undercut their prices off the bat. To propel sales, I fronted inventory to retail operations so they could sell and pay once items where sold.
I slowly began getting into bigger ticket items like electronics, which ended up being bigger margins for me. The biggest challenge with the business now is ordering the correct amount of product, keeping up with the latest technology, and maintaining cashflow while I front product to retail outlets.

Now, I’m still at the very early stages of the business and other things have caught my interest more – but the company has potential and is earning money. Obviously I’m not in Wal-Mart or anything like that yet – but if I put my full focus on it I could grow is dramatically. The biggest challenges I’ve faced with the business is the cashflow required to scale it, and the risk I take when I over order product inventory and it doesn’t sell. For example, I didn’t predict trends correctly in my electronics division and over ordered hundreds of a certain product, only to have the next version released. Now, I’m sitting on inventory of a product that it far more difficult to sell because it’s old technology and I’m going to have to take a loss selling it – plus it’s very difficult to find someone to buy it.


Ramblings…. My Digital Journal

tl;drPublicly talking about my struggles, goals and businesses has always been a major personal motivator in keeping me accountable to both myself and the public. Since launching this blog I’ve had so many ideas for topics that I would like to discuss ranging from posts about hobbies, to advice on managing development tasks, to short product reviews, to personal posts about my inner struggles and challenges. Lately, I’ve been dealing with some extremely challenging and important changes in my life that deserve a mention but I can’t get the motivation to start the post. I’m hitting a roadblock every time I want to write…

The Perfectionist inside me…
perfectionsimBecause of my self-moderation, review, obsession with formatting and endless revising it’s nearly impossible to get any ideas out. I overthink every written word that leaves my mouth from my seemingly meaningless Twitter posts to the articles that end up on here. I even created a short posts category and the most simple posts probably end up with 30+ revisions! Besides making things take far longer than they should, the honesty behind the message gets lost through editing alone.

This blog is my personal space, it’s not my business profile or resume. It’s something I want to be able to look back on and reflect. If I’m unable to get my ideas out whatever they may be, it’s limiting my growth as an individual. If I can’t post, I can’t look back to see the mind-state I was in. Looking at my past is one of the most vital tools I use for self-improvement both as a person and as a businessman.

I’ve come up with a solution…
tumblrI’ve decided to use my Ryan Eagle Tumblr and challenge myself to post whatever is on my mind, when it’s on my mind, completely unedited and honest. I want the truth even if makes no sense or is embarrassing – not carefully constructed sentences. I don’t want drafts, edits or revisions. I want to see what really goes on in my head. I started making my first rambling posts a couple days ago.

The goal is to be able to review what I’ve written, edit it, and compose structurally organized blog posts. It’s my goal to review a dozen rambles that I barely understand and try to produce one meaningful post I can publish and reflect on later. The goal is to jot down anything on my mind, get it out, and laugh about how stupid it was or how much I was over-analyzing myself. I understand how a lot of people work but there is one person that baffles me still : myself. I feel sorry for the haters that try to interpret my actions because they’re going to end up more confused than me. Continue reading