A Look Back… Developing My Timeline

I’d like to preface this post with one point – RyanEagle.com is divided up into two general categories of content : for me and for visitors. Most, if not all, the content on RyanEagle.com is for me and my personal records; especially sections like the historical site archive  and the goals page . The latter half is for people interested in finding information about me (like my companies , contact me , etc).

Personal Timeline

Over the past couple weeks in my spare time setting up a personal timeline - and to say the least actually completing it made me feel great. For the first time in my life I have actual chronological dates of my business experiences, personal experiences, and goals. I’ve always had to guess the dates of my achievements and major life events but now I finally have something to go back to and reference. Pinpointing important dates like my first business idea, my first girlfriend, when I got my dog, and other events has been challenging but fun. I’ve worked with my parents on a lot of the personal events, and utilized tools like Archive.org and Domain Tools to figure out other specific business events. Currently, I’m in the process of working with my parents to compile a year by year archive of personal pictures – something nice to digitize considering nobody looks at old photo albums anymore.

Rather than requiring people to sift through the complete timeline, I’m in the process of creating subpages including : a Timeline Overview, a Business Timeline and a Goal Timeline. I hope to provide more refined or specific information information on these sub-timelines. Additionally, over the next couple months I’m going to be writing expanded detail sections (ie: 2014 Expanded) for date ranges where I go more in-depth to events of that year(s). Quite the undertaking, but it’s going to be nice to complete everything, knowing that going forward I can keep better records.

The Ryan Eagle Blog is Back!

The Ryan Eagle Blog is finally back and getting it online was not the easiest task to say the least! I’ve been procrastinating the last couple months years on maintaining my websites. After my company closed and my brother passed away things got a bit hectic and priorities in my life changed. I had over 20 severs holding domains and I accidentally let the one holding blog.RyanEagle.com expire, losing it’s database completely. Additionally, the software that was running my old blog was created in 2003 or 2004 by my brother and was so outdated it ceased working, further demotivating me to update it. Time passed, my blog got lost, and I moved on.

Classic Ryan Eagle Blog

Anyways, one night deep into the graveyard shift I ended up on Archive.org and realized that all of my blog posts were archived there and safe! I immediately started a project to backup all the posts on my old blogs (blog.ryaneagle.com and tacoX.info). I decided it was time for an upgrade to the 21st century and wanted to give WordPress a shot. After finding a great guy who spent countless hours transferring hundreds of blog posts from two domains into WordPress we have the new and improved blog you’re visiting now. Below are the updates that we’ve made to our site:


All Posts Archived & Organized
I organized a full transfer using Archive.org of the old Ryan Eagle Blog and my super-old tacoX.info posts. The posts were all put under the archive category for safe keeping. The old categories that were associated to the posts were transferred to tags and refined to a smaller list.
Archived Posts


Old Categories Refined Into Tags
The old category posts have all been combined into the archive category and transferred into a refined list of tags. The new list of archived content tags are: BIGUPBusinessEt Cetera, Forum History, From tacoX.info, Goals, Haters, Life, Pictures, Politics, Site Updates, Sobriety, and Technology. Organizing the posts into the correct tags is still a work in progress.
Refined Tags


Mobile Friendly Theme
God, how I love WordPress in comparison to the old blog.ryaneagle.com. I customized the blog to be fully viewable in mobile browsers and developed special mobile-specific pages to make it more friendly on smart phones.
Mobile Friendly Blog


Same Design, Refreshed
My designer was complaining that my old sites design was ugly, but what can I say – I love the simplicity of it. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Either way, I wanted something simple to contrast the flashy RyanEagle.com design. This blog doesn’t need any tricks to get the job done. This is still a work in progress.
New Redesign


Footer Share Buttons Added
I customized simple share buttons for posts that I make now because, well, they’re obviously going to get shared so much I might as well make it easy for you guys. Buttons show up in our mobile friendly page as well!
Share Buttons


Easter Eggs Hidden
Back when I first started RyanEagle.com, I included hidden Easter Eggs throughout the site for the hell of it. I decided to continue on the tradition I started when I was just a teenager.
Easter Eggs


Overall Changes
Complete menu revamping. Cleaned up formatting on many archived posts. Organizing tags. Created new categories for future blog posts. Installed and optimized both security plugins and SEO plugins. Currently in the process of creating meta descriptions for all the archived posts, but I’ll leave that up to someone else.
Overall Changes


Forum History Archived & Updated
I transferred and updated content taken from tacoX.info and archived it here. It’s fun to look back and see what I was doing throughout the years. I’m going to make a point of keeping better records ongoing. See my forum history by date: 20002001-20032003-20052005-20062008-20132014.
Forum Archives

RyanEagle.com Homepage Updates


It’s been quite a long time since I actually took some time to update my personal website, as a matter of fact the last time it was updated the homepage said I was 24 years old (I’m 26) . The reason? It doesn’t make me money – so what’s the point; if it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make cents. I finally decided to get off my butt and do some necessary updates that have been long overdue, I decided Is should take pride in my namesake. I ended up partnering up with three different sets of programmers to fix and develop various sections of my website. I’ll go through all the changes below:


All of the feeds are now loading (Twitter, Instagram, and my Facebook Page). Updated various content on main page (age, sobriety time, etc). Adjusted all the menu options to fit changes in website. Adjusted mobile compliant version. All social connection profile links are now fixed. Upgraded WordPress to latest version. Added various security and backup measures.
Ryan Eagle Home Page


Autobiography completely written primarily highlighting on my business career. It was actually good to spend some time and review the progress it took to get where I’m at now. I end up telling the same story over and over to people anyways, might as well put it up publicly.
About Ryan Eagle


Removed expired companies or businesses that I no longer work on, added new businesses I work on.


Completely revamped and removed old bookmarks. Updated it for the first time since setting up the website. Removed broken links. Added new section for Communities & Forums, and an especially interesting section called Archives at the bottom with links to all my old companies, businesses, and personal sites.


I added several new section for my Completed Tattoo’s. Updated various sections including Photos of Me. Added an entire new collection of every game from my super-nerdy Video Game CollectionGameboy, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Sony PSP, Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Playstation PSX, Sega Genesis, Nintendo NES, and Atari 2600.
Video Game Collection Album


Social feeds are now working, will display random content based on what social network you click (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook).


Articles removed and added, general maintenance and cleaning up.


Hidden Easter Eggs
Articles removed and added, general maintenance and cleaning up.
Easter Eggs


Removed old testimonials that are no longer relevant, added newer ones. Added links to the associated person who left me the testimonial.  Added a total of (10) testimonials instead of 5-6 that were previously displaying.


Forum History
Added new section referencing blog posts that explain the history behind how I got started in the Internet industry. Forums and communities are are  very important part of the early days in my business career.
Forum Archive


Goals removed and added, general maintenance and cleaning up. Fixed broken images and formatting errors.


Removed content from the new biography about page and placed it onto here. Updated all content as some of it was over four years outdated. Removed content that is outdated or not relevant anymore.


Contact Ryan
Finally decided to add working contact information (although utilizing buffer contact information as I’m a private person). Added a proxy email address that forwards to me, added a proxy phone number that forwards to my cell, and added an updated link to my new company.
Contact Ryan Eagle