BIGUP to Larby Amirouche

One of my close internet marketing friends, Larby Amirouche, was having a discussion with me about a month ago regarding outsourcing. He brought me to the realization that people like us are managers, and should not be doing the grunt work. I should focus my brain power on developing new plans, PPC advertising, and email marketing – where my creativity needs to be top notch. Projects such as web development and SEO can get outsourced. As noted on my Eagle Web Assets Blog – I hired a new SEO team to assist me in link building and article creation, and two expert web developers to develop websites to build my network of site. In 2009 I plan to launch 300 more websites in higher paying niches, to achieve my goals. I have the utmost respect for you Larby – BIGUP. BIGUP to Larby Amirouche