Money Hoes Cars Clothes

Money Hoes Cars Clothes: it’s a lifestyle baby. Lets start with money, my first priority in life. If you have money, you got the rest – as simple as that. I optimize all my time to work and build more money. I’m independent and confident because of my success, and I love what I do. Taking risks and innovating is the best part of my business, and seeing them pay off. As Edmund Berger said, “The megalomaniac pleasure of creation produces a type of elation which cannot be compared to that experienced of other mortals.” I wake up everyday thinking about my next dollar, and how I can expand into doing bigger and better things. We all know that money attracts women, but its not just money. Let me explain…

Ambition attracts women. Being happy with yourself and not dependent on a relationship attracts women. Being able to take your girl out to a nice dinner is attractive, rather than being a bum that cant do anything, is also obviously attractive. You can have all the money in the world, but you are not a man without a woman. Sorry to break it to you guys, but getting paid is as easy as getting laid for me. It wasn’t always as easy – but it got it a point where I needed to refine my mack game. So I grew some balls, and went out and did it – just like us go getters do. Like a campaign: I split tested techniques, refined my skill, surrounded myself with women, and kept a general disrespect for women. I did what I wanted to do, was cruel, and got any girl I wanted. It wore down on me and showed that I still was unhappy in the inside, so I’ve lightened up recently. Now I have a girl, yes – that’s singular, that I care about. Like Big Pun said – I don’t want to be a player no more! Things are great right now for me, I cant ask for more. After you get the money and the women there is one more step. You have to splurge on yourself a little bit.

Cars and clothes, I love them both. You know Birdman gotta stay fresh – and that involves buying the finest apparel and new shoes for every day of the month. Dressing nice makes me feel like a million bucks. It gives me additional confidence in life – you never know who you’re going to meet. Contrary to general belief, I do not dress like a wigger. I listen to rap, like bling, big rims, and big cars – that does not make me a wigger. My clothes fit me, and I dress like a businessman. Anyways, girls are not interested in guys wearing baggy clothes and fitted caps – at least the girls that I’m interested in. The only thing more fun than making money, is spending money. You work hard, so play hard. Save enough money to reinvest and if the world falls apart, but have fun too. It’ll make you feel a lot better. Now you understand the inner workings of the infamous Ryan Eagle, oh – and to you haters: keep hating because you motivate me to work harder. Money Hoes Cars Clothes