Facebook Advertising Deregulation

I love Facebook Advertising more than any platform I’ve ever worked on. Facebook profits were down again for another quarter, and they were on a mission to make that money back. Facebook removed regulations on continuity, mobile, and dating offers. Additionally, they raised everyone’s budget to $30,000 with a simple fax and copy of your driver’s license. To say the least, it’s been a goldmine. I live for times like this – last time I enjoyed something this fun was opening of MySpace MyAds. I’ve been on extra grind since the opening – I’m on the grind; fuck bitches, I got money on my mind. I get cash, skip past haters and get ass later, ya digg?

Unfortunately, the Grants and Google Cash offers have since been banned, clearly users are upset about the 8th day $89.50 rebills and cross sells – but there is still huge money to be made. I’ve been working day and night building campaigns, cloaking my links, finding new pictures, and scaling campaigns. You affiliates need to get working – because I don’t sleep. I’m just trying to take your money anyway I can. Get Money + Get Paid. Facebook Advertising Deregulation