My Life

What have I been up to? Well, this month Eagle Web Assets Inc. turned 5 years old and I’ve been working harder than ever – I’m addicted to that fast money. Several months ago I moved from just being an affiliate to owning a small, private network called EWA Private Network – and we’ve seen huge growth. It feels good to be involved with different aspect of affiliate marketing – itmakes me want to work harder, longer and smarter. We don’t accept random people, so if you don’t know me or my partner Harrison Gevirtz, don’t bother applying. We are here to simply help out our friends grow their business with the best offers, highest payout’s, and weekly payments – not take on a huge workload. It feels good to have other networks scrambling – we did not come in this industry trying to make friends with people – we came to be fairer to our affiliates.

The majority of EWA’s profits still come from internal advertising – I work in several niches ranging from mobile to good ole’ Acai. I’ll be an affiliate till I suck the last dime out of it. If anyone wants to chat with me, I love meeting new people! Reach out to me whenever, I’m available all the time.

I’ve been spending most my extra time with my girlfriend Julie, a women that I respect and treat right. I learned early that love is not something to mess with loosely, and a word not to use unless you really feel it. I decided to open up my heart to Julie and I’ve loved every minute of it. We have been living together for several months and love each others company. She is not only my girl, but she is my companion. Other than spending time with Julie, I’ve developed a love for blackjack and roulette. I’m a grown man, I don’t play video games – I play with real money.

Being an addict, I need to watch myself with the whole gambling thing – it can be as ruinous as any other addiction. Thankfully, I’m still sober, coming up on 11 months in a couple days. I’m grateful to God for every day that I’m alive, sober, and surrounded with people that care about me and love me. I may be all about “Money, Hoes, Cars and Clothes”, but my first priority is to remain sober one day at a time and improve my spiritual connection with God. Life is good, and I want to keep it that way! My Life