I Will Live My Dreams

When your sleeping – I’m grindin’. When your awake – I’m grindin’. When your partying – I’m grindin’. I have a lot of money, but even more on my mind. Over the past few months I’ve neglected this blog because I’ve been focusing on growing EWA Network, our internal affiliate marketing operation and several new business ventures. Eagle Web Assets has seen massive growth, so I needed to adapt accordingly. This is survival of the fittest, and I’ve been in this game since 04′.

When a company grows, you need to delegate work and focus on administrative operations. Several months ago I was faced with the same situation – too much growth, too quick. I decided to hire a long time friend of mine and fellow affiliate marketer to help the company and it was one of the best choices I’ve made so far. I’m a control freak, and I wanted to control every aspect of the company myself and it was just too much for me. Having Jared on the team helped ease my work load so I could focus on managing our affiliate operations, business development and provide more dedicated support to my affiliates. Now, we have several new employees managing different tasks that have allowed us to grow in a healthy fashion.

Eagle Web Assets has over 15 employees and every one of them is dedicated to the company, friends of mine, and love what they do. I not only share the wealth with my affiliates, I share it with the staff working with me. Nobody likes working for a company paying them a tenth of what their making for the company – everyone is on a revenue-share basis motivating them to work harder, longer, smarter. Everyday I have the pleasure of working with my family and close friends – and I love every second of it.

My advice to affiliates seeing massive growth: give up some control. Hire an intern to help you manage your campaigns, find new traffic sources, help make creatives and landing pages. As a business owner, you need to stay on the creative side of things and continue innovating – if you get stuck doing grunt work all day you’ll never grow as a business and eventually get overwhelmed.

So far 2009 has been a wonderful year for me in both my personal life and business ventures. Every year I set new goals and I work nonstop for them. I will make history, and I will live my dreams. 2010 is quickly approaching and I’m excited for new plans, businesses, goals, and dreams I will achieve. Diversification and investment for the long term riches are my main goals.

In my personal life, I’m grateful for everything and never take it for granted. I have a beautiful girlfriend that I’m in love with. Julie means the world to me and I love growing with her and taking her along for the ride that we both enjoy so much. I’m thankful to say that I have a close group of friends that support me and care about me, something many people don’t have. Above all – I’m still sober, 1 day at a time, and I’m eternally grateful for this. Looking back over the past year, my life has made a complete 360 change. Taking the drugs and liquor out of my life has totally changed my perspective and made me more focused than I ever was. My personal connection with God is strong and I pray to Him several times a day, thanking him for every moment I have on this Earth.

I can’t forget to holla’ at the haters, just waiting for me to slip. I make this look too damn good, but it ain’t easy. You may see me ridin’ clean, diamonds on fingers and watches, matching fresh from head to toe. I’m tellin’ you – this may look easy but you have to hustle to get up to this status. See you at the top. I Will Live My Dreams