New Year – New Money

It’s a new decade – I have new goals, new money, new problems and not enough patience. I’m still grind nonstop because that’s all I know. I’m slangin’ berries even with all the instability with free trials. I’m still out-hustling other networks and making competition memories of 09′. I’m gonna’ keep doin’ BIG numbers in this game until I pull every last dollar out of it.

It’s amazing to me how we simply improved every aspect that hated about other networks and made EWA Private Network what it is now. As an affiliate I worked actively with over 30 different networks and advertisers and it was always ran into the same problems. Getting weekly payments was a couple phone calls no guarantee. I had to fight for pay bumps and go between networks to leverage payout’s. The account managers I worked with, for the most part, had absolutely no field experience and were just offer peddlers.

We changed everything. EWA paid everyone weekly, with no bullshit thresholds. EWA pledged to beat any competitors payout and actively does competitive analysis to keep our payout’s above others. EWA chose a strong team of experienced and motivated individuals to actually help our affiliates with building and scaling campaigns. We delivered.

Often I get asked, “Isn’t running a network easier than actually being an affiliate?” I found out quickly that that was quite the contrary! In our first week in business we took a $120,000 loss from a bad advertiser. Instead of working on building campaigns all day, we have to actively monitor over 1000 offers and help affiliates with all their needs. Instead of working with 30 merchants, EWA works with over 375. We just make this look too easy but you have to work to get to this status. Nothing about starting any new business is easy and requires months of planning and determination.

The last post on this blog was about giving up control and it’s been a focus this new year. To say the least, the company as grown quite a bit but we’re still running it in an optimized and efficient way – I guess that’s what years of affiliate marketing does to me. Slowly but surely I’m able to have more free time to focus on other projects that I’m starting – both internet and tangible businesses. It’s another year and nothing gets my blood flowing more than investing into new ventures.

The goal is to be the richest of the rich out there and you best bet I’m gonna be covered in VVS karats while doing it. More businesses, more strategic partnerships, more investing, more money, more problems. Like I say in all my newsletters, diversification is key for the long term riches. I’ve been in this game for years and I’ve seen it change over and over. It’s survival of the fittest out here – are you prepared?