A New Years Resolution that Drove Me Crazy

It’s funny looking back to New Years Eve 2010, my goal for the year was to take it easy and get my companies operating so I didn’t need to be directly involved with the day to day tasks to keep them afloat. I’ve been working insane hours since 2004 and it was wearing on my soul – I felt detached from reality and I knew a breakdown of some sort was imminent. I was still in a position where I had to be online all the time to assure that my companies were doing well, if I left for a day or even a couple hours I could see a direct correlation with a decline in the numbers. Prioritization and balance of my life was completely whack, placing almost everything below business and money.

Goal setting is one of the most important things that I do to keep me motivated, and I was confident in myself that I could get the companies setup in a way that I could be detached and start actually living life. After the first quarter, I started aggressively hiring and training employees for Eagle Web Assets – established management and accountability in every division. I researched business models and efficiency then built what I learned into the business. After implementing everything, the day came where I woke up early prepared for an 18 hour day and was completely done with everything after a couple hours. Not a single email in my inbox, completed all my writing for a week, checked in with all the managers and delegated all the tasks I could think of. I was shocked, I actually had idle time on my hands. I didn’t know what to do with myself – a complete workaholic with free time? I took the cars out for a drive, I spoke with business partners, and still had time.

I got what I wanted and I started losing my mind, the balance that I finally achieved drove me crazy. It didn’t feel right to me having so much free time on my hands, so I got my mind rolling and decided it was time to launch another company – BLAM Ads. I organized a business model, got to writing, and next thing you know the company was fully en route. Using the skills I recently learned about efficiency, I hired people right off the bat to help manage this project. I wanted to remain on the administration side of things, assuming that I may actually have an influx of work flow in from my other ventures I wanted to assure that it would move on without full involvement. After about 2 months of heavy involvement the wheels started rolling on their own… and the idle time came back to me. I couldn’t believe it, and finally realized that I’d have to accept it and get used to it.

I started picking up hobbies outside business, made sure that the time I spent with my girlfriend was fully dedicated to her, and continued to do my administration work on the assets that I own. I came to the realization that I was best used on the administration side of things and I knew I could drive companies in different niches into profitability. This is exactly when I decided to focus my efforts more into our angel investment division. I wanted to once again step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself and my ability to run multiple businesses in profitability.

The workaholic in me came out again and in no time the business opportunities began popping up more and more. In 6 months EWA invested in over a dozen more companies, setup hierarchy and management within them, developed strong branding and marketing initiates, and shared the resources that we have. The 2010 New Years resolution that I set for myself has proven to be one of the best things to happen to me in both my business and personal life now. I can now spend my time speaking with partners, executives and developing new business concepts myself to be implemented by a specialized workforce that has grown to over 125 centralized employees in Eagle Web Assets. For any self-employed people reading this, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and start hiring people to do your job. This step in business truly separates the men from the boys, and if you do take steps in this direction you will be able to achieve the heights of your dreams faster than you’ve ever imagined. A New Years Resolution that Drove Me Crazy