Localized Archives of Site Development

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tl;dr summary :

After going through and archiving the old posts for my personal blog, I ended up stumbling upon some older sites of mine. I decided to locally archive sites that were important highlights of my career growth as a businessman, along with old companies that I used to operate. I started back with some of the and most important first for-profit sites. [close summary]

tl;drAfter going through the entire process of retrieving the archives for my personal blog and backing them up onto this current blog running WordPress, I decided to do some digging around and was amazed at what I found. I started a project, Historical Site Archives, that locally archives the websites of old businesses / designs , important milestones in my early career , personal sites , forums , social profiles , and of course I included some archives of downright stupid sites .

Although a lot of this information was available on Archive.org, their servers are extremely slow and unstable. In the past I’ve had sites that were archived there completely disappear and the last thing I wanted was to lose a piece of ‘history’, if you will. I wanted to make sure I could keep an imprint of my growth as a webmaster, a businessman, and an individual.

I contracted Talent Pool Technologies to head this entire project and they did another great job for me. Not only did they archive the sites, but they repaired them as well. I utilized them to clean up the formatting & code on the sites so they could compare to what the site was actually like in real life & load quickly . To do this, they reviewed dozens of different archived copies to gather specific HTML elements from each one – compiling a master copy hosted on my server.

Finally, to compliment the site archives – two subsections were added. The first one is the Interactive Site Archive which essentially links you to the best copy of the associated sites via Archive.org. Secondly, I created the page Archived Site Details to provide information on why I included specific sites and what they historically mean to me.