One Year Ago Today

My most painful and vivid memory…
Kyle Eagle DeadIt was a sunny afternoon and my girlfriend and I were sitting in bed watching some romantic movie. I don’t remember the name of the movie, but I remember the exact scene when the doorbell rang.

I looked though my security camera and my entire family was in front. I assumed it was just by Mom stopping by randomly to say hey (without any forewarning) and was annoyed opening the door. I wish it had just been my mother saying hey, but I opened the door to something that would change my life forever.

The entire family came barreling into the house without saying a word. I could immediately tell that something was abnormal. They stepped up the stairs, got to my bar, and told me what had happened – Kyle Eagle, my brother, had stopped breathing in is sleep and had passed away. They told me that my best friend and brother was gone forever.

Seeing my fathers pain destroyed me…
For the first time in my life my father was crying – he could barely catch his breath. My father is one of the most calm, collected men that I know – even the thought of him crying would have never crossed my mind. To this day I try not to think my fathers reaction because I can completely break down thinking about it.

kyle-eagleIt was my Mom, Dad, Kyle’s Fiancé, my girlfriend and I all together in my family room. By this time my father had regained his composure, but the rest of us were broken, crying, angry, shocked and distraught.

I will never forget that day.