Obligation With EWA Network Payments

“Will You Ever Pay Me The Money That EWA Owes…”
No I’ve come to a point where I realized it’s no longer my personal responsibility – I tried my absolute best to fix it, poured millions of my own money in, spent hours upon hours frantically coming up with answers, and took no salary for over a year. There was nothing more I could do and I went far beyond what any business owner would have done. To be completely blunt – business is business. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes it doesn’t – I paid out hundreds of millions of dollars so for the most part, it worked pretty damn good.

I’ve paid my dues
At the end of the day the person that lost the absolute most was me. I personally dealt with all the repercussions myself – the lawsuits, ruined friendships, damaged reputation, and the villainization. If you lost money with EWA just take whatever number you lost, multiply it by a couple hundred thousand, then you’ll get the amount of money I lost trying to save the money. I’m not even bothering to include the fact that my biggest asset, the company itself, went under – I don’t even like to calculate that. I’m not complaining, just stating facts – I now view the failures and losses as a necessary part of my life and growing as an individual.

2I’ll always feel bad about what happened but that is very different than carrying personal obligation. In a perfect world I wish that everyone could have gotten paid back every cent – but the world isn’t fair. I will always take responsibility for the mistakes I made and wish that I made different decisions.

“A business is a tool to generate personal wealth. When it stops generating personal wealth, pick up a new tool”