Ask Me Anything (AMA) Added

Last night I created the new Ask Me Anything (AMA) section located at Last week for a test development job I had the Main Page Feed setup. The second part of the test (for another developer) is to create the shortcodes and have the plugin automatically generate posts based on the questions and answers. amafeedPart of the code is already complete (post generation) so I was able to get a head start with the AMA section. Once I have some free time, I plan to categorize the questions into categories for me (and others?) to reference back to easily (business, personal growth, haters, funny, challenging, and favorites).

It may seem stupid to you – but these questions have been really insightful for me. I’m getting asked questions that I would have never thought to ask myself – even the hurtful ones make me question things. Plus – my hobby is relearning HTML, WordPress and CSS so this is a lot of fun for me to see develop from an idea to an actual program.