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We Are Keeping It

I woke up and my entire life changed.
Literally days after making a tumblr post about my future I wake up to news that I would have never expected. I’m still in shock it happened in the first place (I’m not that reckless) considering the protective measures we took. I had no clue that sje would ever even consider keeping a baby considering the circumstances, but life takes you directions you had no clue you were going to go. All I knew is that I had to man up and support whatever decision she made.

For me, the decision was pretty clear cut and logical. But for my girlfriend, the decision wasn’t as easy as even she expected. When you’re detached from situations like this it’s very easy to say what you’d do, but when real life hits it was a lot more challenging for her. She didn’t know what to do and I had to support her the best I could, sharing my opinion but not pushing it. The back and forth struggle she went through killed me more than anything, I didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I’m just glad we have a final decision. I couldn’t see her like that anymore and I couldn’t survive another week with the pressure. I’m scared to death for a dozen reasons and happy for a dozen more, but I’ll reserve that for a blog post down the line.

Obligation With EWA Network Payments

“Will You Ever Pay Me The Money That EWA Owes…”
No I’ve come to a point where I realized it’s no longer my personal responsibility – I tried my absolute best to fix it, poured millions of my own money in, spent hours upon hours frantically coming up with answers, and took no salary for over a year. There was nothing more I could do and I went far beyond what any business owner would have done. To be completely blunt – business is business. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes it doesn’t – I paid out hundreds of millions of dollars so for the most part, it worked pretty damn good.

I’ve paid my dues
At the end of the day the person that lost the absolute most was me. I personally dealt with all the repercussions myself – the lawsuits, ruined friendships, damaged reputation, and the villainization. If you lost money with EWA just take whatever number you lost, multiply it by a couple hundred thousand, then you’ll get the amount of money I lost trying to save the money. I’m not even bothering to include the fact that my biggest asset, the company itself, went under – I don’t even like to calculate that. I’m not complaining, just stating facts – I now view the failures and losses as a necessary part of my life and growing as an individual.

2I’ll always feel bad about what happened but that is very different than carrying personal obligation. In a perfect world I wish that everyone could have gotten paid back every cent – but the world isn’t fair. I will always take responsibility for the mistakes I made and wish that I made different decisions.

“A business is a tool to generate personal wealth. When it stops generating personal wealth, pick up a new tool” Main Page Feed

I wanted to get my Ryan Eagle RSS feed integrated on the main page since I started using it more. Today one of my new developers created a quick WordPress Plugin and integrated it on my site main homepage alongside the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. The plugin is also setup in a way that generates WordPress posts for each question – essentially creating an archive. I plan on releasing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) section in the near future where people can both ask questions & see the full history of categorized questions (into business, funny, favorites, hater, advice, etc).

As part of the “testing process” for hiring new developers at Sidago Integrated Solutions, I have them work on small tasks that have no real risk if they get messed up. I use my as a ‘training ground’ for the new developers so we can test their quality and teamwork (I apologize in advance when you visit here and things are randomly broken). The next social feeds test projects new developers working on is a WordPress RSS Blog Feed (for my main posts & short posts), a Tumblr feed (for my ramblings). and finally a Google+ feed (to motivate me to actually use my Ryan Eagle Google+). Site Integration Examples:


How Became Insightful


summary : started as a simple hobby but evolved into a self discovery tool – I was asked questions about myself, my history and my actions that I would have never even thought to consider. Plus – it’s fun as hell to reply to hater questions. [close summary]

I’ve cut back using social networks for one major reason – it doesn’t make me money. Back in the day I used to be on every forum, chatroom, group and network – but money was the motivation. I still use Twitter and Instagram because they quickly fill my social fix but I don’t like to get too off focus on them.

I had an extra data entry employee waiting on work a couple weeks back so I had him I register accounts on popular social networks to reserve my name (I’d like to apologize to any other Ryan Eagle’s out there that have to share my infamy). I l wanted them saved for the remote chance I may end up needing it in the future – nothing annoys me more than not having my own name available.

Ryan Eagle Ask.fmThe accounts were then added to my social profiles page and completely forgot about them. One day I got a random email notification from with a question asking advice about business and passed it into the spam folder. During one of my all-nighters I decided to log into my Ryan Eagle Profile and I was impressed with how little I saw. I loved the simplicity of it : an AMA-style platform where I could answer anonymous questions.
The questions came pouring in…
As a social experiment I was interested to see if anyone would bother asking anything in the first place. I posted my Profile on Twitter and to my surprise the questions started pouring in at a pace I couldn’t believe (look at a screenshot below from today alone). I should have known – I may not be the man in front anymore but I’m still the man in front of everyones mind.

I got questions about my personal life, my old companies, current businesses, my past mistakes and embarrassing failures. I got questions from haters, from fans and trolls. The questions were funny, mean, hard to answer and some I wanted to ignore completely. I even had people asking for advice (they’re the worst off because I have no clue what I’m talking about).

I had nothing to to hide. I had nothing to lose..
I figured fuck it – I have nothing to lose and nothing to hide at this point. I’m just going to answer exactly the way I want to and be myself. I wasn’t going to sugarcoat anything, I wasn’t going to hide, and I wasn’t going to put up any front. People had things that needed to be addressed that deserved my response and I had things that I wanted to get off my chest. This was the perfect outlet to handle both.

My profile has become far more than a way for me to fill my social fix – it has turned into valuable self-analysis tool allowing me to answer questions about myself I didn’t even know to ask in the first place. I welcome the hard questions because it allows me to see viewpoints that I’m blinded to. I get asked the hard questions that I would have never thought to ask myself.

One Year Ago Today

My most painful and vivid memory…
Kyle Eagle DeadIt was a sunny afternoon and my girlfriend and I were sitting in bed watching some romantic movie. I don’t remember the name of the movie, but I remember the exact scene when the doorbell rang.

I looked though my security camera and my entire family was in front. I assumed it was just by Mom stopping by randomly to say hey (without any forewarning) and was annoyed opening the door. I wish it had just been my mother saying hey, but I opened the door to something that would change my life forever.

The entire family came barreling into the house without saying a word. I could immediately tell that something was abnormal. They stepped up the stairs, got to my bar, and told me what had happened – Kyle Eagle, my brother, had stopped breathing in is sleep and had passed away. They told me that my best friend and brother was gone forever.

Seeing my fathers pain destroyed me…
For the first time in my life my father was crying – he could barely catch his breath. My father is one of the most calm, collected men that I know – even the thought of him crying would have never crossed my mind. To this day I try not to think my fathers reaction because I can completely break down thinking about it.

kyle-eagleIt was my Mom, Dad, Kyle’s Fiancé, my girlfriend and I all together in my family room. By this time my father had regained his composure, but the rest of us were broken, crying, angry, shocked and distraught.

I will never forget that day.

Running from Emotions

Here is a prime example of me getting overwhelmed and running away from emotions and the situation. There was just too much on my plate – from the one year anniversary of my brothers death to the life-changing news I just heard. I needed to escape. I needed to run…


Kyle Eagle Death – One Year Later

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My most painful and vivid memory is that of Kyle Eagle’s Death. The entire family came barreling into the house without saying a word. They stepped up the stairs, got to my bar, and told me what had happened – Kyle Eagle, my brother, had stopped breathing… Social Experiement

Now that I’ve discovered this post embed feature I’m going to be doing a lot more interlinking, especially for events that change my life. I currently use about five or six social networks so sometimes searching and figuring out when something happened (where I made the update) can be a chore.

Anyways, I made a post about how Became Insightful and referenced how I made a single Twitter post with my Profile link just to gauge interest – a social experiment to see if people even bothered about me anymore (part of me hoped I was forgotten & part of me didn’t). It’s amazing that it has only been a little over a month since I posted it my profile and stopped hiding. From day one the questions poured in and I love answering them – especially the mean and challenging ones

Some say I should have kept my mouth shut (I agree) but I can’t act like someone that I’m not. I still regret what happened, but at the same time I shouldn’t feel ashamed with my past – I tried harder than anyone in the company and took the most loss. Keeping quiet, eating shit, letting people rip me apart, and essentially acting like someone I’m not was beginning to wear on my emotionally. It’s not who I am and I’m glad I could get some stuff off my chest without having to hide anymore.

48 Laws of Power – Desktop Wallpaper

To motivate me to stay on track, I edited my old wood grain backgrounds to include the Laws of Power on my left and right screen. These laws are from one of my favorite books, and are guidelines to live my life by. Many of these laws I incorporated before even reading about it, but the book re-enforced the importance of the laws so I could make sure I do them in my life. They’re on my desktop wallpapers as important reminders to me, below is a preview of what I utilize on my three screens: