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Feelings After The Big News

After hearing the life-changing news I went through a gambit of emotions, it was honestly one of the most shocking events in my life. The funny thing is that I had a friend staying overnight with me and in the morning my girlfriend got sick. My buddy joked with me and bet me $10 that she was pregnant. Being a gambler and fully believing it was impossible, I took him up on the bet. Let’s say it didn’t work out too well for me.








Current Goals, Finally Updated

After about two years I finally got around to updating my goals section. I decided that I’m going to use my tumblr to ramble about each goal, then come up with conscience blog posts about what each goal means to me. The biggest change since last updating it is how few “material” goals there are on here – quite the change from even two years ago.

Regardless, it’s been nice to blog lately on my tumblr and here over the past couple months because it’s really allowed me to reflect on myself – something I have not done for a long time. I want to be able to look back, just like I did when I setup this blog, and see what I did to get where I’m at.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Added

Last night I created the new Ask Me Anything (AMA) section located at Last week for a test development job I had the Main Page Feed setup. The second part of the test (for another developer) is to create the shortcodes and have the plugin automatically generate posts based on the questions and answers. amafeedPart of the code is already complete (post generation) so I was able to get a head start with the AMA section. Once I have some free time, I plan to categorize the questions into categories for me (and others?) to reference back to easily (business, personal growth, haters, funny, challenging, and favorites).

It may seem stupid to you – but these questions have been really insightful for me. I’m getting asked questions that I would have never thought to ask myself – even the hurtful ones make me question things. Plus – my hobby is relearning HTML, WordPress and CSS so this is a lot of fun for me to see develop from an idea to an actual program.

Ryan Eagle Facebook Page Updates

[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”502″/]

Like usual, I got carried away learning how to utilize tabs and the unique permissions that Facebook has to offer (like incentivizing people to “like” pages). I am a hustler at utilizing social media for free viral marketing but when it came to actually leveraging fan pages to their full ability (custom tabs and code) – I failed completely.

fan-blocked-pageThings have thankfully changed since I started using Facebook to market businesses and it’s gotten a lot easier. Back during the BLAM Ads days I had to pay a couple programmers to develop a custom registration that utilized FBML. Now, they allow you to use simple HTML markup (with HTTPS) and it’s a wise move for them. I consider myself pretty technically smart – but FBML was beyond my scope of even caring.

Now they offer simple applications that allow you to customize permissions, who gets to see what, and a whole bunch of other features that used to take programmers to create. As I’ve said in my past, I use as the “testing ground” for all my development because I risk nothing if it gets screwed up. Yesterday I experimented with creating custom tabs that showed hidden easter eggs (to fans) while blocking / forcing people to become fans to gain access to it. It was especially fun considering the only people that have time in their day to scour through my site for hidden links are haters, so now I made them like my fan page to get what they wanted. I have a weird sense of humor, what can I say? Here is an example

Custom Facebook Page Tabs:

  • Site Easter Eggs
    With a forced fan-gate, took a couple minutes to setup.
  • Twitter Feed
    I used a third party application that read my feed, displaying it beautifully within Facebook. I remember trying to do this before and it took me hours – now, just minutes.
  • Tab
    My main goal is getting people off of Facebook and onto my homepage and blog – I really don’t like “sharing content” with anyone else, especially Facebook. This tab simply redirects people to my homepage.

Regardless, all the playing around I did yesterday gave me a bunch of killer ideas to utilize in business and even though I delayed some important priorities while I had fun with my hobbies – they paid off. I’m going to create a special CSS formatted social feed (like my homepage) for my Facebook Page allowing me to delete all the other tabs as it will be completely syndicated. It seems stupid to play around with this stuff (and it is) but it sparked a couple ideas that I have not even thought about before. On the other hand, I could be trying to convince myself that I didn’t waste time when realistically I did – who knows, I’m a good bullshitter.

Hosted Affiliate Guides

SidagoAs part of my employee hiring process for Sidago Outsourcing, I build up trust with new members by slowly reviewing work quality, affordability and reliability.  I assign new employees “low risk” tasks that can be used to learn without costing me a client or important deadline. I use as the task testing ground because it doesn’t matter if something breaks and I get all these random features I’ve always wanted but never had time.

One of those test-tasks was to locate, remake and host all of my published affiliate guides in my archives section. The guides are original, unedited and in some cases not relevant in today’s game – but there are some solid gems. First Read Legal Disclosure:

Obligation With EWA Network Payments

“Will You Ever Pay Me The Money That EWA Owes…”
No I’ve come to a point where I realized it’s no longer my personal responsibility – I tried my absolute best to fix it, poured millions of my own money in, spent hours upon hours frantically coming up with answers, and took no salary for over a year. There was nothing more I could do and I went far beyond what any business owner would have done. To be completely blunt – business is business. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes it doesn’t – I paid out hundreds of millions of dollars so for the most part, it worked pretty damn good.

I’ve paid my dues
At the end of the day the person that lost the absolute most was me. I personally dealt with all the repercussions myself – the lawsuits, ruined friendships, damaged reputation, and the villainization. If you lost money with EWA just take whatever number you lost, multiply it by a couple hundred thousand, then you’ll get the amount of money I lost trying to save the money. I’m not even bothering to include the fact that my biggest asset, the company itself, went under – I don’t even like to calculate that. I’m not complaining, just stating facts – I now view the failures and losses as a necessary part of my life and growing as an individual.

2I’ll always feel bad about what happened but that is very different than carrying personal obligation. In a perfect world I wish that everyone could have gotten paid back every cent – but the world isn’t fair. I will always take responsibility for the mistakes I made and wish that I made different decisions.

“A business is a tool to generate personal wealth. When it stops generating personal wealth, pick up a new tool” Main Page Feed

I wanted to get my Ryan Eagle RSS feed integrated on the main page since I started using it more. Today one of my new developers created a quick WordPress Plugin and integrated it on my site main homepage alongside the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. The plugin is also setup in a way that generates WordPress posts for each question – essentially creating an archive. I plan on releasing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) section in the near future where people can both ask questions & see the full history of categorized questions (into business, funny, favorites, hater, advice, etc).

As part of the “testing process” for hiring new developers at Sidago Integrated Solutions, I have them work on small tasks that have no real risk if they get messed up. I use my as a ‘training ground’ for the new developers so we can test their quality and teamwork (I apologize in advance when you visit here and things are randomly broken). The next social feeds test projects new developers working on is a WordPress RSS Blog Feed (for my main posts & short posts), a Tumblr feed (for my ramblings). and finally a Google+ feed (to motivate me to actually use my Ryan Eagle Google+). Site Integration Examples:


48 Laws of Power – Desktop Wallpaper

To motivate me to stay on track, I edited my old wood grain backgrounds to include the Laws of Power on my left and right screen. These laws are from one of my favorite books, and are guidelines to live my life by. Many of these laws I incorporated before even reading about it, but the book re-enforced the importance of the laws so I could make sure I do them in my life. They’re on my desktop wallpapers as important reminders to me, below is a preview of what I utilize on my three screens:


The custom WordPress content management system utilizes a mixture of multiple different page formats, galleries, post formats, and category formats combined with a bunch of plugins. Because of the way my custom WordPress website was programmed it was extremely difficult to find all the content on the site, even for me. Compound this onto the fact that there is the Blog ( and the archives ( After spending time learning WordPress as a hobby and sorting through all the pages – I’ve created a complete HTML Sitemap including all the sections of the site and their assorted subcategories.
HTML Sitemap

Please Note – The sitemap is still under active construction.