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Current Goals, Finally Updated

After about two years I finally got around to updating my goals section. I decided that I’m going to use my tumblr to ramble about each goal, then come up with conscience blog posts about what each goal means to me. The biggest change since last updating it is how few “material” goals there are on here – quite the change from even two years ago.

Regardless, it’s been nice to blog lately on my tumblr and here over the past couple months because it’s really allowed me to reflect on myself – something I have not done for a long time. I want to be able to look back, just like I did when I setup this blog, and see what I did to get where I’m at.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Added

Last night I created the new Ask Me Anything (AMA) section located at Last week for a test development job I had the Main Page Feed setup. The second part of the test (for another developer) is to create the shortcodes and have the plugin automatically generate posts based on the questions and answers. amafeedPart of the code is already complete (post generation) so I was able to get a head start with the AMA section. Once I have some free time, I plan to categorize the questions into categories for me (and others?) to reference back to easily (business, personal growth, haters, funny, challenging, and favorites).

It may seem stupid to you – but these questions have been really insightful for me. I’m getting asked questions that I would have never thought to ask myself – even the hurtful ones make me question things. Plus – my hobby is relearning HTML, WordPress and CSS so this is a lot of fun for me to see develop from an idea to an actual program.

Hosted Affiliate Guides

SidagoAs part of my employee hiring process for Sidago Outsourcing, I build up trust with new members by slowly reviewing work quality, affordability and reliability.  I assign new employees “low risk” tasks that can be used to learn without costing me a client or important deadline. I use as the task testing ground because it doesn’t matter if something breaks and I get all these random features I’ve always wanted but never had time.

One of those test-tasks was to locate, remake and host all of my published affiliate guides in my archives section. The guides are original, unedited and in some cases not relevant in today’s game – but there are some solid gems. First Read Legal Disclosure: Main Page Feed

I wanted to get my Ryan Eagle RSS feed integrated on the main page since I started using it more. Today one of my new developers created a quick WordPress Plugin and integrated it on my site main homepage alongside the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. The plugin is also setup in a way that generates WordPress posts for each question – essentially creating an archive. I plan on releasing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) section in the near future where people can both ask questions & see the full history of categorized questions (into business, funny, favorites, hater, advice, etc).

As part of the “testing process” for hiring new developers at Sidago Integrated Solutions, I have them work on small tasks that have no real risk if they get messed up. I use my as a ‘training ground’ for the new developers so we can test their quality and teamwork (I apologize in advance when you visit here and things are randomly broken). The next social feeds test projects new developers working on is a WordPress RSS Blog Feed (for my main posts & short posts), a Tumblr feed (for my ramblings). and finally a Google+ feed (to motivate me to actually use my Ryan Eagle Google+). Site Integration Examples:

askfeedall Sitemap Created

The custom WordPress content management system utilizes a mixture of multiple different page formats, galleries, post formats, and category formats combined with a bunch of plugins. Because of the way my custom WordPress website was programmed it was extremely difficult to find all the content on the site, even for me. Compound this onto the fact that there is the Blog ( and the archives ( After spending time learning WordPress as a hobby and sorting through all the pages – I’ve created a complete HTML Sitemap including all the sections of the site and their assorted subcategories.
HTML Sitemap

Please Note – The sitemap is still under active construction.

Corporate Blog Archives

Keeping historical records is one of my hobbies because of how insightful the past is. When I launched my personal blog I had all my posts retrieved and archived. When the project was done, I glanced through everything starting from the beginning and learned some things about myself that changed how I operate today. This is more for me personally, but if anyone would like to humor themselves they can see the posts below. It starts with xCell Technologies then moves over to Eagle Web Assets after the name change.

New Site Intro Using Toggle Hidden DIV

In my spare time it’s been my new hobby to re-learn HTML and CSS (post coming up soon regarding it). I’m using as my “testing” ground, risking little. Yesterday I managed to make all the mobile menus disappear on my main site, you could say I’m still quite the beginner. It was time to write an updated intro copy for my website and wanted to experiment with hiding & displaying <div>‘s – perfect opportunity. My goal was to create a concise introduction that briefly introduces who I am, without overwhelming people with information. I achieved this perfectly with the newfound code I’ll share with you today, Below a preview of the introduction located directly on the Ryan Eagle Homepage, click the image to see the interactive (and mobile friendly) introduction.
Using Toggle DIV

How To Toggle Hide <div>’s:

To achieve the toggle hiding div effect I used some pretty simple code – a combination of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. First, start by adding the Javascript to your webpage:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function toggleMe(a){
var e=document.getElementById(a);
var i = document.getElementById(a + ‘_image’);
if(!e)return true;
i.src = ‘TOGGLE_IMAGE_1.GIF’;
} else {”none”
i.src = ‘TOGGLE_IMAGE_2.GIF’;
return false;

Now, for the hidden <div>:

<div id=”YOUR-ID-HERE” style=”display:none”>Any Content Here Will Be Hidden On Default</div>

Now, for the link code. Before continuing, you don’t need to restrict the use of this Javascript code to text – you can use this function to make everything from <div>‘s, to <li>‘s, to <img>‘s clickable:

<span style=”cursor:pointer;” onclick=”return toggleMe(‘YOUR-ID-HERE’);”>Clickable Text, You May Want To Consider Adding An Underline or Other Effects so Visitors Know The Element Can Be Clicked</span>

Ta’da, you’re done. That was pretty painless wasn’t it? Now this may not be as cool for you as it was for me, but getting it to work was quite the accomplishment for me. Let’s say the last time I hard coded without the assistance of Dreamweaver was before HTML5 was released.

A Look Back… Developing My Timeline


summary :

Over the course of the last couple weeks I spent time developing an interactive Personal Timeline that covers personal highlights, business highlights, and goals that I have achieved. For a shortened version, I’ve created a Timeline Overview and also divided sections including a Business Timeline and an Achievements Timeline.
[close summary]

I’d like to preface this post with one point – is divided up into two general categories of content : for me and for visitors. Most, if not all, the content on is for me and my personal records; especially sections like the historical site archive  and the goals page . The latter half is for people interested in finding information about me (like my companies , contact me , etc).

Personal Timeline

Over the past couple weeks in my spare time setting up a personal timeline – and to say the least actually completing it made me feel great. For the first time in my life I have actual chronological dates of my business experiences, personal experiences, and goals. I’ve always had to guess the dates of my achievements and major life events but now I finally have something to go back to and reference. Pinpointing important dates like my first business idea, my first girlfriend, when I got my dog, and other events has been challenging but fun. I’ve worked with my parents on a lot of the personal events, and utilized tools like and Domain Tools to figure out other specific business events. Currently, I’m in the process of working with my parents to compile a year by year archive of personal pictures – something nice to digitize considering nobody looks at old photo albums anymore.

Rather than requiring people to sift through the complete timeline, I’m in the process of creating subpages including : a Timeline Overview, a Business Timeline and a Goal Timeline. I hope to provide more refined or specific information information on these sub-timelines. Additionally, over the next couple months I’m going to be writing expanded detail sections (ie: 2014 Expanded) for date ranges where I go more in-depth to events of that year(s). Quite the undertaking, but it’s going to be nice to complete everything, knowing that going forward I can keep better records.

Localized Archives of Site Development

function toggleMe(a){
var e=document.getElementById(a);
var i = document.getElementById(a + ‘_image’);
if(!e)return true;
i.src = ‘’;
} else {”none”
i.src = ‘’;
return false;

tl;dr summary :

After going through and archiving the old posts for my personal blog, I ended up stumbling upon some older sites of mine. I decided to locally archive sites that were important highlights of my career growth as a businessman, along with old companies that I used to operate. I started back with some of the and most important first for-profit sites. [close summary]

tl;drAfter going through the entire process of retrieving the archives for my personal blog and backing them up onto this current blog running WordPress, I decided to do some digging around and was amazed at what I found. I started a project, Historical Site Archives, that locally archives the websites of old businesses / designs , important milestones in my early career , personal sites , forums , social profiles , and of course I included some archives of downright stupid sites .

Although a lot of this information was available on, their servers are extremely slow and unstable. In the past I’ve had sites that were archived there completely disappear and the last thing I wanted was to lose a piece of ‘history’, if you will. I wanted to make sure I could keep an imprint of my growth as a webmaster, a businessman, and an individual.

I contracted Talent Pool Technologies to head this entire project and they did another great job for me. Not only did they archive the sites, but they repaired them as well. I utilized them to clean up the formatting & code on the sites so they could compare to what the site was actually like in real life & load quickly . To do this, they reviewed dozens of different archived copies to gather specific HTML elements from each one – compiling a master copy hosted on my server.

Finally, to compliment the site archives – two subsections were added. The first one is the Interactive Site Archive which essentially links you to the best copy of the associated sites via Secondly, I created the page Archived Site Details to provide information on why I included specific sites and what they historically mean to me.

The Ryan Eagle Blog is Back!

The Ryan Eagle Blog is finally back and getting it online was not the easiest task to say the least! I’ve been procrastinating the last couple months years on maintaining my websites. After my company closed and my brother passed away things got a bit hectic and priorities in my life changed. I had over 20 severs holding domains and I accidentally let the one holding expire, losing it’s database completely. Additionally, the software that was running my old blog was created in 2003 or 2004 by my brother and was so outdated it ceased working, further demotivating me to update it. Time passed, my blog got lost, and I moved on.

Classic Ryan Eagle Blog

Anyways, one night deep into the graveyard shift I ended up on and realized that all of my blog posts were archived there and safe! I immediately started a project to backup all the posts on my old blogs ( and I decided it was time for an upgrade to the 21st century and wanted to give WordPress a shot. After finding a great guy who spent countless hours transferring hundreds of blog posts from two domains into WordPress we have the new and improved blog you’re visiting now. Below are the updates that we’ve made to our site:


All Posts Archived & Organized
I organized a full transfer using of the old Ryan Eagle Blog and my super-old posts. The posts were all put under the archive category for safe keeping. The old categories that were associated to the posts were transferred to tags and refined to a smaller list.
Archived Posts


Old Categories Refined Into Tags
The old category posts have all been combined into the archive category and transferred into a refined list of tags. The new list of archived content tags are: BIGUPBusinessEt Cetera, Forum History, From, Goals, Haters, Life, Pictures, Politics, Site Updates, Sobriety, and Technology. Organizing the posts into the correct tags is still a work in progress.
Refined Tags


Mobile Friendly Theme
God, how I love WordPress in comparison to the old I customized the blog to be fully viewable in mobile browsers and developed special mobile-specific pages to make it more friendly on smart phones.
Mobile Friendly Blog


Same Design, Refreshed
My designer was complaining that my old sites design was ugly, but what can I say – I love the simplicity of it. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Either way, I wanted something simple to contrast the flashy design. This blog doesn’t need any tricks to get the job done. This is still a work in progress.
New Redesign


Footer Share Buttons Added
I customized simple share buttons for posts that I make now because, well, they’re obviously going to get shared so much I might as well make it easy for you guys. Buttons show up in our mobile friendly page as well!
Share Buttons


Easter Eggs Hidden
Back when I first started, I included hidden Easter Eggs throughout the site for the hell of it. I decided to continue on the tradition I started when I was just a teenager.
Easter Eggs


Overall Changes
Complete menu revamping. Cleaned up formatting on many archived posts. Organizing tags. Created new categories for future blog posts. Installed and optimized both security plugins and SEO plugins. Currently in the process of creating meta descriptions for all the archived posts, but I’ll leave that up to someone else.
Overall Changes


Forum History Archived & Updated
I transferred and updated content taken from and archived it here. It’s fun to look back and see what I was doing throughout the years. I’m going to make a point of keeping better records ongoing. See my forum history by date: 20002001-20032003-20052005-20062008-20132014.
Forum Archives