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Harrison Gevirtz is a Pimp


BIGGUP to my long time friend and and business partner Harrison Gevirtz, a true pimp and player. We are doing some very exciting business ventures together ranging from large scale site purchases to advertising. I’ve known Harrison since he was 13 and have always been impressed with his skill and entrepreneurship. He is an example of how the internet is an equal opportunity industry. Check out his blog, CPA Share. Harrison Gevirtz is a Pimp

Late Night Thinking

It’s been awhile since I updated my little blog – and I have a lot of great things going on in my life! For one, I turned 18 years old recently – now I can legally own my porn sites, go to strip clubs, and buy cigars! I started college about two weeks ago, and it’s been a blast. I start around 9-10 each day, and end around 3-4 (with a good two hours off in between). You might say its a lot easier that high school so far! Parties around here are insane, on any given night there’s a good 10 house parties going on – its a blast. My goal for college (socially, atleast) is to find a girlfriend. I just got out of a great relationship, and I’d like to move on. Stay safe guys!

Eh’ Maties

Its been a bit since I have posted here. Recently I have been busy with life – and I have been launching many new sites. My most recent site, would be GFXVoid – a new graphics community. I’m also trying to resurrect GamingVoid forums – although I’m having some trouble with that. There’s only three more months of school left, then summer! Spring break is in a few days, and i’m visiting Arizona with my family (kind of boring if you ask me). I’m going to keep this news short, mainly because I don’t have much to report on. See ya’ around!