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Illinois Mortgage Test

I never thought that I would be studying again… I guess school is helpful to some degree. In the coming weeks I need to study for a Mortgage broker test so I can get a license for my new company, FundMidwest. It’s exiting for me that I can jump into a different industry :). Illinois (more…)

Facebook Demographics Reporting

I love Facebook Ads more than any other social advertising platform. I think that many of the other ones are flawed, and the ROI is just not comparable. I still actively run on MyAds, but there is between a 20%-30% ROI difference – but bigger spreads so I guess it evens out for the better. Running application traffic can be a nightmare – getting good ROI for the first few days then it drops as their staff steals the campaigns. Facebook recently introduced demographics reporting – making my job a lot easier. Previously to optimize a campaign, I’d literally sit there setting up ads for different demographics to track different age and gender groups. Once I got the CTRs and conversion rates in I’d eliminate the bad ads. Now to test out campaigns I create CPM ads to get lots of impressions quickly – then I can grab reporting statistics and eliminate bad demographics and move to CPC bidding. Facebook seems to be making the right moves these days – now it’s time for MySpace to catch up. Facebook Demographics Reporting

Dealing With India

Everyday I sign online, I get about 10 messages from different teams I work with now. My teams handle everything from captcha entry to graphic design. I beginning to think I can speak broken English better than them now… ugh. These teams are a necessity for me to keep operating efficiently. Outsourcing as much grunt work as possible is a goal for me – by moving everything (more…)

AdTech New York Recap

After spending a few busy days in new york I’m exhausted, and ready to get back to more campaigns. New York was totally different and more lively than the Chicago AdTech, with nearly five times the visitors. The first day I designated to the conference booths, and networking on my feet. I was able to meet several account managers and affiliates (who notoriously referred to me as samantha at first, a successful blog campaign I was known for), along with develop direct (more…)

Ad Tech New York

I’m excited to say that it is confirmed that I will be going, November 3rd – 6th. I’ve booked a flight for me and my father, and a hotel. I’m ready to shake some hands and talk some business. Ad Tech New York

Facebook is Loosing Out

I’ve been advertising on MySpace since day 1 – and to say the least it has many advantages over Facebook. The given, is that it has many more visitors than Facebook – about 9 times the amount. The real winning aspect to MySpace is the types of ads they allow – which seems to be virtually anything. I’ve experimented in several different niches and had almost 100% success rate. For example, when you can barley show someones leg on Facebook Ads for dating – they (more…)