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Server Change

Free MySpace Layouts and MySpace Graphics just got transfered over to their new servers – and they should be running at full speed within the next few hours. I may need to mirror the databases for the sites once they grow larger. The sites should be functional within the new few hours.

Late Night Thinking

It’s been awhile since I updated my little blog – and I have a lot of great things going on in my life! For one, I turned 18 years old recently – now I can legally own my porn sites, go to strip clubs, and buy cigars! I started college about two weeks ago, and it’s been a blast. I start around 9-10 each day, and end around 3-4 (with a good two hours off in between). You might say its a lot easier that high school so far! Parties around here are insane, on any given night there’s a good 10 house parties going on – its a blast. My goal for college (socially, atleast) is to find a girlfriend. I just got out of a great relationship, and I’d like to move on. Stay safe guys!


I’m currently attending Southern Illinois University Carbondale and it’s been a blast this previous semester. My second semester began just a week ago – and it’s been really nice seeing people back at school. My GPA ended up being pretty good, surprisingly, so I know how hard I have to try this semester. I’d like to increase my GPA slowly, up .2 this semester – then I’ll be in a zone I’m more comfortable with. I still have to change around my classes to fit my liking – I wish I could drop my Math class, because it’s already difficult!

iWebTool Pagerank Predictor Review

After using iWebs Pagerank Predictor tool, I can immediately see flaws in it. I own several sites, and after using the tool it predicted a PR5-PR6 for nearly all my sites. This is highly unlikely, because I’ve owned sites for years with similar amounts of backlinks and i’ve only reached a PR5. Most of my sites are new, so I highly doubt I can jump from PR0 to PR6 immediately, unless I have several PR8+ backlinks.

Truthfully, I feel that pagerank is meaningless nowadays. Site pageranks have not been updated for months, and I still see several of my new sites with relatively high rankings (and no PR). I feel that the obsession with pageranks webmasters had in the past is why Google is delaying the pagerank update.

New Domain and Such

Welcome to tacoX.info, my own little corner of cyber space! I decided to purchase the domain after my old domain expired (and I forgot to renew, doh =)). There’s only about 15 more days left of high school remaining, so i’m pretty psyched about that! Last week I decided to quit smoking pot for two years (excluding winter and summer breaks from college), I think it will best for me and my college career. I’m going to prom with Amy in a few days, and I hope to have a bash. Till next time!


Sometimes, I get very frustrated with myself. One of my biggest personal flaws is my shyness – especially around girls. This problem and plagued me for years, and causes me to be lonely most the time. Even when I drink, I still find myself having trouble talking with girls in certain situations. Plain and simple – I need to change. I need to be more outgoing, more confident, and less shy. I need to change.