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Updated Site

Due to popular demand (haha), I have updated my personal site a bit – especially the website section. I added, and modified a few new (and old) sites I work on. In addition, I updated a few of the mini-screenshots to more recent layouts! A little over a month of high-school remaining – and i’m very excited for a fun summer and college. I’m going to keep this short – check back in a bit for another update if interested!

Yahoo Ads vs. Google AdSense

After trying Yahoo ads for a little less than a week, I’ve come up with the decision that Google AdSense pays out more. The amount of different, and unique, ad formats take lead over Yahoo Ads. I have talked with other webmasters on various forums and such – and they all claim that Yahoo Ads pays out more. Make your own decision.

New Successful Ventures

One of my newer sites, MySpace Icons, is doing very well! I’m quite pleased with it, so I’m going to expand with the idea by launching a few other MySpace Icons and Icon related sites. 1UO Blog Graphics is finally completed, and open to public! 1UO contains over 5000 images for free use on various blog sites including MySpace, Xanga and Friendster. A new Xanga Layouts site is now completed, providing many free Xanga layouts. Currently, development of MySpace Pictures is underway – and should be completed after I complete another project.

Eh’ Maties

Its been a bit since I have posted here. Recently I have been busy with life – and I have been launching many new sites. My most recent site, would be GFXVoid – a new graphics community. I’m also trying to resurrect GamingVoid forums – although I’m having some trouble with that. There’s only three more months of school left, then summer! Spring break is in a few days, and i’m visiting Arizona with my family (kind of boring if you ask me). I’m going to keep this news short, mainly because I don’t have much to report on. See ya’ around!


I took the weekend off to relax before going back to school on Monday. On Friday I went to a local bar to see a show, but the ‘mood’ in the bar seemed lame – so it was somewhat of a boring night. Last night I spent time partying at home with a few different groups of people, and last night was fun. The last two days I woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon, I feel like such a mess.


I updated several sections of this personal page (mainly the sites, and game collection selection). School has been going well (although not as good as the beginning of the year =)). I got accepted into Southern Illinois University Carbondale earlier in the year, and that’s were I plan on going. I’m majoring in Business Administration, and all my electives are going to go towards Pre-Med. I’m sure that may change a bit though, eh? I broke up with that girl in my last update, and since then I have been moving around through other girls. I currently work at a pizza place called “The Oven”, as a delivery boy. And truthfully, its one of the best jobs I have ever had! Signing Off – Ryan

Server Problems and Upgrades

One of my sites, MySpace Codes, is getting an additional server! About a week ago, we switched data centers and now we’re located in Texas. To split up the traffic for it, I added an additional server in Chicago on an ultra-fast cogent connection. I’d like to add one more additional server to assure more up-time. There’s still an error users are receiving – but that will be adjusted soon.

Additionally, I have four employee’s working for me currently and things are going smooth – i’m happy to see that things are getting done quicker with the additional help. I’m working on a new site called 1uo Blog Graphics, with an ultra short design. Last night I completed a basic layout, and I’m currently working on the menus – the site should be up soon. My brother, President and CEO of EWS Corporation, is developing an advanced graphics web application for me at the moment. Once that’s up, expect a lot more sites . I’ve got some pretty interesting ideas I plan to make public.

MySpace1’s progress is halted at the moment because of the technical difficulties. I still need to develop that along with MySpace Pictures.

New Engine and Server Problems

I just received the new graphics engine from my brother, and i’m going to begin by developing my new site, BlogSmilies.com – for Blogger, MySpace, Xanga and Friendster. MySpace Codes is currently up – but I’m dealing with issues there with server usage and such. I may need to purchase an additional server, and allocate my other smaller servers to other new sites I’m making… it may actually end up benefitting. In the midst of all this, I’m trying to start xCell Host up with some servers – but one I just purchased (I really nice one), hasn’t setup my plan yet – we’ll see.

Running Again

Since I’ve been sick I haven’t been able to run much because I was a bit weak and had a horrible cough. I still have the cough pretty bad, but I decided that I feel well enough to start running again. It was hard yesterday, but today it was a lot easier and I feel I ran the 2.2 mile course my quickest!