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Investing in Stock Market

I’ve been doing some reading about the stock market and started my first investments today, and it’s been a fun for me. I decided to invest into the banking industry because its so volatile and affordable at the moment. The stock that I chose has increase 25% so far today (I don’t (more…)

Purchased Icey Watch

This is old news – considering i’ve had it for about two months now. I finally purchased an Icey Movado watch. I had a choice between that or rims – thankfully I purchased the watch because my Navigator got into a wreck the next day. Purchased Icey Watch

Mr Fuzz

I just got a new little puppy named Mr. Fuzz yesteday. After moving into my house it was just a little too quiet it was a must! The puppy is Pomeranian / Shih Tzu mix – i’ll attach some pictures very soon. I’m in love, hes my new little buddie. Mr Fuzz (more…)