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Life is Great

Its been 5 months of my sobriety today, and I look back at how many things I’ve changed in my life – and how many things I still need to change. I’m content with life now – working 7 days a week and networking a lot more than I ever have before. Days are just that much clearer, brighter, and more eventful. I’ve developed a lot more healthy friendships and relationships with people. By working on myself, I’m a much better person to be around. I make time for my family and friends as much as possible – and finally being able to leave my house has been wonderful. Birdman shouldn’t be caged. I have a lot to be grateful for – I live one day at a time and if I died tomorrow I would have lived a happy life. I thank God for giving me a second chance – maybe to help other people. I never take it for granted. Life is Great

Remodeling Basement

I’m getting my basement remodeled right now by two family friends of mine, in exchange for my web services. I’m developing a few casino related websites for the main remodeler. I’ll post pictures in the coming weeks when I get it completed and geared up with a new entertainment system, and pool table. It’s gonna be hot. Remodeling Basement

Amy and Dmitrys Wedding

This last week has been a very fun, and busy week for me. I was the best man in Amy and Dmitry’s wedding, so I had a Bachelor party for Dmitry and we all had a great time – hooters, strippers, liquor (for them!!!), limos. You can’t go wrong. The wedding was beautiful, I got to see my best friend get married, do a funny speech, dance a lot, and get some digits from the single ladies. A great sober wedding, I would have never expected it. Amy and Dmitrys Wedding

Beat my Case

Another day in the life of birdman. Wednesday I beat a big court case that has been pending for months and I’m still a free man. The charges got dropped or reduced, it’s just unbelievable to me. I’m grateful to god and my lawyer that I’m still able to do what I like most – make money. Beat my Case

Off to Mini Vacation

Finally, I get the hell out of my house! I’m visiting Illinois state with my family, as my brother is going to college next year. To say the least, I’ve seen a lot of dimepieces here – makes me want to go back to school. I’ve been thinking recently that I may return back to college to get a CADC. I love helping people and it would be a wonderful way for me to start my day! Off to Mini Vacation

Volunteer Work

I’ve been working a grueling last 4 days, helping out Native Americans with a pow wow in Zion, IL. I’ve never been to such a thing and there was a lot of culture. I met several nice people, ate a lot of food, and worked my ass off. What an experience – all the music, dancing, and festivities. Something I’ll remember. Volunteer Work

A Sunny Chicago Day

What a beautiful day here in Chicago – sunny, low 70’s, and breezy. There are so many things that I’m grateful for – my sobriety, family, health, success, my house, God, my supportive friends, and beautiful days like today. I thank God for everything and I don’t take it for granted. A Sunny Chicago Day