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Going Corporate… Again

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Response Commodities grew to a point of being self-operating, freeing up my time to start new businesses that I’ve been working on behind the scenes for a bit now. It finally became time to ‘go corporate’, so I formed the umbrella corporation xCell Fund & started developing corporate sites. xCell Fund holds six businesses that do affiliate marketing, web development, outsourcing, factoring, cryptocurrency trading, and angel investment. Additionally, I’m starting a nonprofit organization to memorialize my brothers passing. The websites for all of these companies are slated to be released within the next 3-4 weeks. [close summary]

Summary Over the past year or so I’ve stayed pretty low key and have had no necessity to actually build out corporate sites for businesses that I’m operating. Additionally, the entire process was complicated by a series of legal battles[info] – but thankfully, slowly but surely, everything is passing and I’ve emerged from the other side.

Most of you already know, before closing Eagle Web Assets I started Response Commodities[profile], an import / export company and that’s where I spent most my time after the shutdown. The business has grown dramatically and in 2014 we expanded into ecommerice sales, complimenting the already successful wholesale side. Like I do with all my companies, I get them started by myself and then quickly hire employees to manage duties & tasks. Now, most of Response Commodities’s day-to-day operations are handled (ordering, shipping, logistics, etc). The company is essentially running itself now, I primarily manage the float[define] & oversee employees. To say the least, it’s a slow flow and mainly a waiting game at this point in time : buying inventory from overseas, selling inventory domestically and internationally, and waiting for bulk shipments takes time and cashflow to build up. Because the business is low maintenance, I’ve had free time to start additional businesses. Let’s go over what I’ve been doing…

xCell Fund

xCell FundThis business will be acting both as an parent corporation[define] for my entities and an angel investment firm[define] that works with new entrepreneurs. This is basically the centralized parent company on top overseeing all the operations, employee functions, hiring, business updates, and other corporate related tasked. There are currently six of my public businesses and five private investments that it holds. I’ve been investing into others since 2010, but this time around I’m not restricting my investments to internet related companies. I actually plan to advertise this company on various entrepreneur communities, blogs, and websites to get the exposure and find new potential investments. Diversification has always been key in keeping me afloat – if I had stuck with any of the businesses that I was in since starting, I’d be living in my Mom’s basement now. The website began development on April 3rd and should be released within the next couple weeks.

Sidago Integrated Solutions

SidagoSidago is a full service outsourcing consultation business that provides a wide array of consolidated and organized services ranging from small tasks like copywriting to a large-business focus on outsourcing[DEFINE] employees and workflow improvement for businesses. My main goal would be to approach companies and be able to cut their bottom line down drastically by outsourcing divisions of their business affordably. I actually had this business planned this business originally on November 7th, 2012 but after all the craziness I’ve been through I’ve never had a chance to get it off it’s feet. The planning process for this company began on April 14th, 2014 and is slated for released within a month.

ECC Investments

ECC InvestmentsAfter taking an interest in the cryptocurrency[define] game, I decided to get my hands dirty and start investing into alt currencies myself. It’s funny, when I first started trying to buy my first Bitcoin[define] I asked all the people that supposedly invested themselves and nobody could give me a straight answer on how to buy a single damn Bitcoin! I eventually ended up connecting with a long-time friend of mine that actually talked the walk and he patiently explained to me the process. On January 22nd of this year I purchased my first coin, entering me into the league of neck-bearded nerds. This set me off to the races and I began buying and actively trading all different types of currencies, hitting my first huge success with Dogecoin. The trading industry is fast-paced and never sleeping so I can work on trades any time of the day. The planning process for ECC Investments website, began on March 31st and was announced publicly for the first time on April 3rd. The site is expected to be released within the next three weeks.

Xinda Global Financial Services

Xinda GlobalXindaGlobal is a financial company offering factoring services[define] including : media funding, merchant account financing, invoice buying, factoring, rolling credit lines, expansion capital and general financing. I first came up with the idea to turn this into a business all the way back in November, 2012 – but there was too much turmoil going on with my current businesses to get it off the ground. Over the past couple months I’ve been buying receivables and charging a premium for it – so I figured I might as well turn it into a business to offer my services to more people. As much as I hate float, factoring, and extending credit – I always seem to go back right in the mess. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, what can I say? I decided to finally take the jump and make it into a real business on March 6th, the website should be released within the next couple weeks.

ionBuzz Media Group

ionBuzz Media GroupEven though I pledged to stay away from the affiliate game, I just couldn’t resist the urge to get back into it. After being immersed on the network side for so many years I decided to get back to basics with straight-up affiliate marketing. In May of 2013, I restarted my internal media buying operations – focusing niches I’ve had little experience in. I started off with two foreign components – SEM & PayPerCall. To say the least it was a refreshing change to try new things, I love the challenge of not knowing what the hell I’m doing. It’s amazing how logical and predictable Google can be – it’s clear why they are the leaders over other popular traffic sources like Facebook, Exoclick, EngageBDR, ad infinitum. The business grew, I hired media buyers and specialists, and branched into several different traffic sources (including those complained about above). The sites development began on April 9th and should be released within a couple weeks.

99Limes Web Development

99LimesOnce upon a time I started a company called EWA Web Design and absolutely hated the experience. I hated dealing with clients, I hated how many changes people wanted, I hated mockups. So what do I do? I start another company doing the same thing,! I’m not the quickest learner, am I? Since starting that first design company I’ve progressed a lot as a businessman, changing from being a one-man-shop to a boss that employs people to do my dirty work. I’m going to take the lessons learned from the past design company, the project management skills I’ve learned over the past couple years, and finally my ever increasing good looks to take this business to the next level. Additionally, I’m going to focus on the web and software programming tasks rather than design tasks, due to the higher margins. On March 7th I began development of the website and we should be ready to launch by mid-next month.

The Kyle Eagle Foundation

Kyle Eagle FoundationAfter reconnecting with Kyle’s old business partner I was able to retrieve the domain KyleEagle.com. On March 5th, I published a temporary placeholder site memorializing my brother with the eulogy I said during his funeral. After releasing the quickly designed site, I decided we should do something more to keep his memory going and began the process of forming a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. To be totally honest, we’re not entirely sure what we’re going to give towards – we have a choice between either animals, nature, or continuing the old EWA Kids Nonprofit under his name. My family is working together with Jennifer Barker, his ex-fiance, to figure out the right path to take. Since launching the site, I’ve worked with my mother, father, and his ex-fiance to create eulogies along with a biography to permanent his place online. Creating this is website and charity helping me deal with pain and grief.

By the Grace of God

Around this time of the year I like to make a post about the happenings and goings of my life. By the grace of God I reached three years of sobriety on Independence Day, 2011 and for that I’m eternally grateful. I of all people understand that what I have is a gift, a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition. Three years ago I would have never imagined even sayingwords like this, but today I hold these words close to my heart and mind. I tried for two years to get sober with no luck. I thought that I was a man constitutionally incapable of being honest with myself; I thought I was doomed, I had nearly given up.

During these two years I tried every trick in the book to live a normal life. I tried to only use a couple weeks a month, I tried to only drink on the weekends, I left college because people partied too hard there, I didn’t drink hard liquor, I only used drugs, I only drank, and the list goes on and on. Every experiment ended with the same result: complete and utter addiction. At my final bottom I was at a point of incomprehensible demoralization with no options left other than dying, going to jail, or changing my entire thought process to try a different way of living.

The amount of ego that I had built up throughout the years of financial success finally had been broken down entirely and there were no options left. My way of life simply was not working, and I had to finally take the suggestions given to me. For a man that thought praying, God and everything associated to it was for inferior people – taking a chance to try this was huge for me. I still remember the first prayer and the amount of resistance I had with it making it: “To whomever is up there, God, if anyone is listening, will you help keep me sober today.”

From that day I never took another drink or drug again. Over time, the prayers evolved from a hesitant practice to a close relationship that I actually believed was keeping me sober. For me to stay sober entirely from drugs and alcohol for a week, a month, three months was entirely impossible by myself. I only changed one thing in my attempt at sobriety – prayer. It became completely apparent and real to me that a Higher Power was taking care of me. I still keep this concept fresh in my head – not a day goes by that I don’t ask God to help keep me sober and thank him at night. I completely believe that He did for me what I could not do for myself.

The absolute most important part in me staying sober and living a happy life is maintaining and strengthening this connection with God through prayer; by asking for help and thanking him for it. Although I’m not always pleased with what life gives me and I still feel the same pains as everyone else, I keep my trust entirely in God and have faith that he will take care of me. I am truly grateful for every day that I get to wake up on this earth because during my time in sobriety and working with other alcoholics, I’ve seen so many go that didn’t get the chance that I did. For them, I stay sober and try to pass on what has been so freely given to me.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still an arrogant asshole – but do not mistake that for ingratitude for what I’ve been blessed with. I’ve fought my way up from the depths of a living hell and rebuilt what I have now – what can I say, it’s hard not to stunt. Everything that I have now: the tools to get through the rough times, loving relationships with people that actually care, material success, and more that I cannot even begin to list has been given to by God – I’ve just put in the footwork to get it. I’ve been on both sides of the street, and I can honestly say that my focus, emotional condition, spirituality and overall health has been at an all time high being sober. For anyone reading this blog with problems or even potential problems – there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m a prime example of hard work and sobriety working out.

A Retrospective Look After 2 Years Sober

All I ever wanted in life was a Range Rover, an icy watch and a fresh pair of Air Force Ones – looking back it’s amazing how much farther I’ve come and what I went through to get where I’m at. When I first started working I was still in high school; working a part time job and somehow managing to put in another full time workload into developing websites that made little money. I was a big dreamer and money was the motivation; I associated success entirely with material possession. As I worked longer hours, the money stacks started adding up. I quit my job, picked up my blunt and got on the nonstop hustle. The riches came pouring in and I wanted nicer cars, clearer diamonds, bigger sacks, and shorter skirts. More – the only thing I cared about.

I attributed my success to my drug use and continued that full throttle. I was the man; self-made and self-paid. I had my own house, car, everything – why couldn’t I do a little of this and a little of that? I was too smart to get addicted to anything. As this mindset progressed my life continued to run smoothly, further reinforcing it. But life took me for a turn – as quickly as I rose up financially, everything started to go wrong. Outwardly, things looked fine, but inside I was torn apart. I was going through life like a drone without emotions and with an ego too big for my own good. As the use got more excessive, I rationalized by ignoring the signs and solely looking at the success of my business – an addict couldn’t ever have gotten as far as I have, right?

My life spiraled out of control and I lost scope of what was important. It wasn’t about working anymore; it was about waking up and partying all day. It was about fueling my ego more with fake people. Friends would drop and new ones would come – it didn’t faze me. I made relationships and lost them; it didn’t faze me! All I cared about was me and my substance; I didn’t care about anything or anyone else.

This drug fueled lifestyle got me into a lot of trouble: spiritually, mentally, legally and emotionally I was a broken man. I may have had a bank account with a couple digits in it but that’s all I had. Everything was clearly showing me to stop, but at the time I was so shortsighted I couldn’t see the big picture. After a long series of horrible events (I could write a book on just this) I decided it was time for me to get sober. For the first time I wanted to get sober for myself and for my own life: not for the legal system, my parents, a girlfriend or anything. Completely for myself.

I was beaten into willingness and did what I needed to do. I white-knuckled it for months, worked on building a relationship with God and slowly but surely I made it through month and month. That was two years ago – and I can now truly say that I’m living on borrowed time. I rose up from the depths of a living hell to become a man with character, gratitude and a newfound will to do the next right thing. I was given the gift of sobriety – and I refuse to give that back.

Even though it’s like I’m living in a dream, it’s not always like it seems: I still feel the same pains as you. I still have my highs and lows in life but I now have confidence that God will take care of me in the long run. I do not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it – it’s molded who I am now. I decided to share the harder times in my life to show you that everyone, even Birdman himself, has gone through the trials of life and come out stronger than ever. You CAN rise up and make it through it – no matter what you’re going through.

8 Months Sober

I feel alive! I’m grateful for my family, sobriety, friends, business, my beautiful girlfriend, and my personal connection with God. I was graced by god with a second chance, and I’m thankful for everyday I get a chance to wake up. I’m going to make the best of what was given to me – and I thank everyone for the support. Another day, one day at a time. 8 Months Sober

Life is Great

Its been 5 months of my sobriety today, and I look back at how many things I’ve changed in my life – and how many things I still need to change. I’m content with life now – working 7 days a week and networking a lot more than I ever have before. Days are just that much clearer, brighter, and more eventful. I’ve developed a lot more healthy friendships and relationships with people. By working on myself, I’m a much better person to be around. I make time for my family and friends as much as possible – and finally being able to leave my house has been wonderful. Birdman shouldn’t be caged. I have a lot to be grateful for – I live one day at a time and if I died tomorrow I would have lived a happy life. I thank God for giving me a second chance – maybe to help other people. I never take it for granted. Life is Great

Remodeling Basement

I’m getting my basement remodeled right now by two family friends of mine, in exchange for my web services. I’m developing a few casino related websites for the main remodeler. I’ll post pictures in the coming weeks when I get it completed and geared up with a new entertainment system, and pool table. It’s gonna be hot. Remodeling Basement

Amy and Dmitrys Wedding

This last week has been a very fun, and busy week for me. I was the best man in Amy and Dmitry’s wedding, so I had a Bachelor party for Dmitry and we all had a great time – hooters, strippers, liquor (for them!!!), limos. You can’t go wrong. The wedding was beautiful, I got to see my best friend get married, do a funny speech, dance a lot, and get some digits from the single ladies. A great sober wedding, I would have never expected it. Amy and Dmitrys Wedding

Beat my Case

Another day in the life of birdman. Wednesday I beat a big court case that has been pending for months and I’m still a free man. The charges got dropped or reduced, it’s just unbelievable to me. I’m grateful to god and my lawyer that I’m still able to do what I like most – make money. Beat my Case

Off to Mini Vacation

Finally, I get the hell out of my house! I’m visiting Illinois state with my family, as my brother is going to college next year. To say the least, I’ve seen a lot of dimepieces here – makes me want to go back to school. I’ve been thinking recently that I may return back to college to get a CADC. I love helping people and it would be a wonderful way for me to start my day! Off to Mini Vacation

Volunteer Work

I’ve been working a grueling last 4 days, helping out Native Americans with a pow wow in Zion, IL. I’ve never been to such a thing and there was a lot of culture. I met several nice people, ate a lot of food, and worked my ass off. What an experience – all the music, dancing, and festivities. Something I’ll remember. Volunteer Work