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iWebTool Pagerank Predictor Review

After using iWebs Pagerank Predictor tool, I can immediately see flaws in it. I own several sites, and after using the tool it predicted a PR5-PR6 for nearly all my sites. This is highly unlikely, because I’ve owned sites for years with similar amounts of backlinks and i’ve only reached a PR5. Most of my sites are new, so I highly doubt I can jump from PR0 to PR6 immediately, unless I have several PR8+ backlinks.

Truthfully, I feel that pagerank is meaningless nowadays. Site pageranks have not been updated for months, and I still see several of my new sites with relatively high rankings (and no PR). I feel that the obsession with pageranks webmasters had in the past is why Google is delaying the pagerank update.

Updated Site

Due to popular demand (haha), I have updated my personal site a bit – especially the website section. I added, and modified a few new (and old) sites I work on. In addition, I updated a few of the mini-screenshots to more recent layouts! A little over a month of high-school remaining – and i’m very excited for a fun summer and college. I’m going to keep this short – check back in a bit for another update if interested!

New Engine and Server Problems

I just received the new graphics engine from my brother, and i’m going to begin by developing my new site, BlogSmilies.com – for Blogger, MySpace, Xanga and Friendster. MySpace Codes is currently up – but I’m dealing with issues there with server usage and such. I may need to purchase an additional server, and allocate my other smaller servers to other new sites I’m making… it may actually end up benefitting. In the midst of all this, I’m trying to start xCell Host up with some servers – but one I just purchased (I really nice one), hasn’t setup my plan yet – we’ll see.


xCell Technologies has recently expanded into independently contracting a few employees. So far, we have hired four employees for small jobs including data entry and programming. Soon i’m going to have a form available where users apply for various jobs I need done. Payments will be made via PayPal or Cash.


I’ve been working non-stop recently, it seems. The first week of my winter break was spent in Mexico, the weather was great and the times were good. Once I got back I had a few days off and I went straight to working for Walgreens fulltime In addition to working full time, I was also working on expanding xCell Technologies massively. I’d say I was working 80 hour weeks – and still ended up going out every night! I feel worn out, but I feel all this work will pay off in the next fiscal year. Profits for xCell Technologies have increased massively over the last few months – just that much closer to getting my new car. I may re-design this blog a bit in the coming days, we’ll see whats going on 😉 .

New Portal

As you can see, I redesigned my portal a little bit to be an actual blog. I’m still going to add all my previous pages to this blog, jut in a different fashion. I just got back to school from Winter break and i’ve been slacking off a bit too much it seems. I’m currently developing MySpace1, and MySpace Graphics.

Dedicated Server

MySpace Codes and GFXVoid have both switched over to the new dedicated server I am renting from DotSimple. The server runs very fast and I’m pleased with everything so far. Free MySpace Layouts is experiencing some backup problems. I just noticed that when I switched servers on January 24th, I restored a corrupt backup. Issues are being worked out as we speak.