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We Are Keeping It

I woke up and my entire life changed.
Literally days after making a tumblr post about my future I wake up to news that I would have never expected. I’m still in shock it happened in the first place (I’m not that reckless) considering the protective measures we took. I had no clue that sje would ever even consider keeping a baby considering the circumstances, but life takes you directions you had no clue you were going to go. All I knew is that I had to man up and support whatever decision she made.

For me, the decision was pretty clear cut and logical. But for my girlfriend, the decision wasn’t as easy as even she expected. When you’re detached from situations like this it’s very easy to say what you’d do, but when real life hits it was a lot more challenging for her. She didn’t know what to do and I had to support her the best I could, sharing my opinion but not pushing it. The back and forth struggle she went through killed me more than anything, I didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I’m just glad we have a final decision. I couldn’t see her like that anymore and I couldn’t survive another week with the pressure. I’m scared to death for a dozen reasons and happy for a dozen more, but I’ll reserve that for a blog post down the line.

Ask.fm Social Experiement

Now that I’ve discovered this post embed feature I’m going to be doing a lot more interlinking, especially for events that change my life. I currently use about five or six social networks so sometimes searching and figuring out when something happened (where I made the update) can be a chore.

Anyways, I made a post about how Ask.fm Became Insightful and referenced how I made a single Twitter post with my Ask.fm Profile link just to gauge interest – a social experiment to see if people even bothered about me anymore (part of me hoped I was forgotten & part of me didn’t). It’s amazing that it has only been a little over a month since I posted it my profile and stopped hiding. From day one the questions poured in and I love answering them – especially the mean and challenging ones

Some say I should have kept my mouth shut (I agree) but I can’t act like someone that I’m not. I still regret what happened, but at the same time I shouldn’t feel ashamed with my past – I tried harder than anyone in the company and took the most loss. Keeping quiet, eating shit, letting people rip me apart, and essentially acting like someone I’m not was beginning to wear on my emotionally. It’s not who I am and I’m glad I could get some stuff off my chest without having to hide anymore.